Die DJ-Software djDecks ist auf die Version 0.v86 erhöht worden. Die neue Version von djDecks supportet nun bis zu 4 Decks, weitere Neuerungen beinhalten das Speichern und Laden von Loops aus den ID3-Tags, Verbesserungen bei den Skins besserer VCI-100 Support und diverse Bugfixes.

djDecks Updated auf v0.86

  • Added: Support for transparent gif and png files.
  • Added: djDecks now fully supports 4 decks.
  • Loops can be stored and retrieved from id3 tags.
  • Added: Keyboard shortcuts for setting loop in/out points, and setting loop out point beat-aligned.
  • Added: BPM Detection Utility can now be set to look for BPM in a specified range.
  • Improved: MP3 loading is more accurate now.
  • Improved: Track loading optimized.
  • Improved: Various graphics performance improvements.
  • Improved: VCI-100 can now be used to start/stop samples and to store/retrieve loops.
  • Improved: Database search speed.
  • Improved: Small performance improvement when using djDecks Timecode CD.
  • Fixed: Playlist browse keyboard/midi shortcuts only moving one item per keypress.
  • Fixed: Possible crash when changing soundcard or output mode.
  • Fixed: VCI-100 problem stopping djDecks from responding.
  • Fixed: Tempocontrol was not working correctly when vinyl control was enabled.
  • Fixed: Problem writing tags for some flac files.
  • Fixed: Various problems with the sampler.