Pioneer SVM-1000 integrated Video-Audio-mixer

Interessanter Artikel über den Pioneer SVM-1000 Video-Audio-mixer. Ein Mixer mit vier Video- und Audio-Kanälen für DJs, VJs und clubs.

Pioneer SVM-1000

Der Pioneer SVM-1000 hat sogar einen Touch Screen:

On each side of the touch screen crossfader is a hot key where at a touch of the screen, you can switch between channels of video and audio. Trim knobs are added on each channel that control video intensity etc. and the audio EQ is hard wired into the video. Upon adjusting the EQ, the video changes accordingly. While mixing audio and video is not new to the industry – what is unique to the Pioneer SVM-1000 is the ability to layer up to 4 channels of video and audio simultaneously – “world’s first” – and all of this is being done in the hardware domain.

Pioneer SVM-1000 Artikel: Link

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